Monday, March 4, 2024

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期待聖靈大澆灌 Longing for Outpouring of Holy Spirit |【Reset & Restore 7】重置與恢復 7

如何不只是停留在被聖靈充滿的階段,而是能夠運作在聖靈的大能中?聖靈是進入神國的鑰匙! 我們會一起探討及發現!一同發現禁食的重要及12項益處!三大恢復: 聚集、祈禱 、禁食 Don’t be contented with just being filled with the Holy Spirit, but we need to truly operate in the power of the Holy Spirit. We will find out the importance and 12 benefits of fasting!English & Chinese subtitles are available!! See you on YouTube!