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X: X-Wing Starfrighter / 星空戰機

《星球大戰》電影的成功元素,其中一項是像真度極高的戰鬥機設計。1977年,當第一部《星戰》(A new hope)電影上畫時,片中出現的聯軍戰鬥機型號是 T-65B。T-65B戰鬥機的機翼能打開成為交叉,故此稱為”X”翼星空戰鬥機(X-wing starfighter),當時發售的《星球大戰》戰鬥機玩具,更是兒童的恩物。

最近上畫的《原力覺醒》(The Force Awakens),是《星球大戰》系列電影的第七部作品。片中聯軍所用的戰鬥機型號是T-70,黑色的機身加上橙色的條紋,把類似的機身設計添上了現代氣息,這款玩具想必成為熱賣的聖誕禮物。



X: X-Wing Starfighter

One of the memorable features of the Star Wars Saga are the super realistic and detailed designs of the Starfighters. The Rebel Alliance starfighter, model T-65B appears in the first Star Wars movie released in 1977. This Starfighter”s wings extend out like an “X”, hence the name “X-Wing Starfighter”. Not only did the X-Wing Starfigher become an impressive starfighter in the movie, it also became a popular toy for children. In the recent announcement of the new Star Wars saga sequel, The Force Awakens, there is a T-70 model Starfighter. It has a contemporary feel in its design – a black exterior with orange strips on the sides. I am sure this will be a popular gift item for Christmas this year.

Talking about Christmas presents, many parents have spent a lot of time and money buying gifts for their children. Making extra effort to ensure their presents would bring joy to their children. As well, a man might also spend a lot of time and energy preparing a lovely Christmas evening for his lady.

Now, what have you prepared for your loved ones?

Our Heavenly Father has prepared the perfect gift for us – the salvation of Jesus Christ. God has this gift ready for all of those who believe in Him. Please accept this wonderful gift and become a child of God. Let us get to know the truth through the teaching of Jesus. Let us be a faithful tool that can be used by God to channel the Good News to people around us. Let us bring new meaning to our loved ones” life; and to enjoy the joy, peace and love the come from our Heavenly Father.