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U: Unipod Droid / 單輪機械人

單輪機械人(Unipod droid)在《星球大戰二部曲:複製人進攻》(Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones)電影中擔起一輛浮在半空的轎子,把男女主角從機場運送去市集尋找母親。在電影片斷中出現僅僅25秒的單輪機械人,毫不起眼。根據《星球大戰圖解字典》(Star wars: The visual dictionary)的描述:獨腳機械人是一個古老型號(ancient model)機械人,它雖然擔當搬搬抬抬的簡單運輸工作,卻是十分可靠實用。有時那些古老欠缺花巧的機械裝置,相對先進的電子道具,更是扎實耐用。

17世紀法國勞倫斯修士(Brother Lawrence,1605-1691),一生只在修道院煮食和修補鞋子的工作,然而他有一個保持喜樂的祕訣,就是常常思念神;無論他在做甚麼工作,總是當作為神而做,懷著愛心用心地完成每天的工作。他的言論和信件被編輯成《與神同在》(The Practice of the Presence of God)一書,成為很多信徒的鼓勵與指引。


U: Unipod Droid

The Unipod droid in the Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones is a hovering sedan chair-like vehicle. It appears in the scene where it is transporting Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala to the marketplace to look for Anakin”s mother. for the droid only appears in the movie for 25 seconds. The Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary describes this droid as an ancient model. Even though it is only responsible for lifting and transporting, it is very practical and reliable. Sometimes ancient models lack the fancy appearance of the more advanced models but they are more durable.

Brother Lawrence of the Resurrection (1605-1691) spent his entire life doing mundane and routine chores such as cooking and mending shoes at Carmelite Monastery. Even though these jobs were of no real significance, Brother Lawrence had a special way of enjoying it – his meditation of God. He always did everything as if he was doing for the Lord. So, he always completed his work with his love for God. His deeds and thoughts were compiled into a book called “The Practice of the Presence of God” – a book that inspires and encourages many to be true followers of God.

There aren”t many Christians who can easily handle different challenges and difficulties. One way to work with joy is to cultivate a positive attitude towards your work on a given assignment with a prayerful and joyful heart. Just like Brother Lawrence and the Unipod Droid who happily and loyally carried out the work given to them.