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L: Luke Skywalker / 天行者

據佐治盧卡斯表示,最初《星球大戰》(Star Wars: A new hope)男主角的名字是「天殺者」(Starkiller)。中國諺語:「不怕生壞命,只怕改壞名」,幸好盧卡斯臨崖勒馬,主角的名字最後定為「天行者」(Skywalker),否則這個角色的命運真是難以想象。


奧比溫告訴天行者驚人的秘密,他的父親是一個偉大的絕地武士,並邀請他聯手對抗邪惡帝國,拯救被擄的莉亞公主(Princess Leia)。

I’ve got to get home…(我還要回家…)
I can’t get involved. I’ve got work to do…(我不能參與,我還有事情要做…)
But there’s nothing I can do about it right now.(我實在愛莫能助。)

還記得較早前提及《馬太福音》記述的天國比喻嗎?現在不是國王邀請你出席筵席,而是一位大能者邀請你拯救失喪的心靈。每一個人都盼望自己有不平凡的生命,然而當機會來臨的時候,你有勇氣承擔這個位份嗎?抑或你像路克(Luke Skywalker)一樣,借詞推搪呢?

L: Luke Skywalker

George Lucas initially intended the main character of Star Wars – A New Hope to be named Luke Starkiller. However, his name was changed to Luke Skywalker afterward. I wonder what kind of impression the audience would have had if Luke had kept his original name?

The name Skywalker is very special, it means “limitless” and it reflects the inner world of the character. Even though he was an ordinary farm boy, he longed for an exciting life. When he discovered Obi-Wan Kenobi”s true identity as a legendary Jedi master, his life was flipped 180 degrees. As well, Obi-Wan Kenobi told Luke a shocking secret, he told him that Luke”s father was a powerful Jedi Knight. When he invited Luke to join forces with him to defeat the evil Imperial Empire and to rescue Princess Leia, Luke was hesitant:
“I”ve got to get home… “
“I can”t get involved. I”ve got work to do… “
“There”s nothing I can do about it right now.”

Do you remember the Parable of the Wedding Feast in the Gospel of Matthew? This time, it is not a king, but a mighty warrior inviting you to join with him to rescue lost souls. Would you be like Luke Skywalker who was hesitant, reluctant and start giving excuses? Everyone dreams to have an extraordinary life, however when the opportunity comes, would you have the courage to accept the challenge?