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J: Jar Jar Binks / 智慧與愚蠢

根據佐治盧卡斯的表白,為了調和《星球大戰前傳:魅影危機》中的緊湊劇情,加入一個像似迪士尼高飛狗(Goofy,意思是愚蠢)的丑角來增添喜劇效果。難怪第一次看到渣渣兵(Jar Jar Binks)在螢光幕出現的時候,總有一種似曾相識的感覺,原來這個角色的神態都在模仿高飛狗。





J: Jar Jar Binks

In an interview, George Lucas admitted that in order to balance the solemnity of the Jedi and intensity of the plot in Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, he added a character that resembles Disney”s Goofy for comic relief. No wonder, the first time I watched the goofy-like behaviour of the giant amphibian-like Jar Jar Binks, it felt so familiar.

Unexpectedly to Lucas, his good intentions had created an opposite reaction. Rumours have it that Jar Jar Binks turned out to be the most annoying character in the Star Wars films. Many find him very clumsy and foolish and wish he was not in the film. On the other hand, the robot C-3PO, another character intended to provide comic relief actually became one of the most loved characters.

So, how do the audiences decide which character is wise and loveable; and one is foolish and loathsome?

The Jewish people have been waiting for their Messiah, a saviour, to arrive for a long time. However, when Jesus Christ came to earth, not to save them from the tyranny of the Roman Empire, but to rescue their souls, they were so bitter and disappointed that they resented Jesus as their long-awaited Messiah. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus used a parable to describe the kingdom of heaven. He said it is like a king who has sent his servants to invite guests to his son”s wedding banquet. Some of the people who were invited paid no attention and went about on their own interests. Some even mistreated and killed the servants who brought the invitation (Matthew 22: 1 – 10). In the end, the enraged king sent his army to destroy the murderers and burned their city.

The people who refused the invitation are like self-righteous people who refuse the Good News that the Lord has prepared for them; and continue living in their selfish ways. We should be like grateful guests, we must learn to be wise and do what is right.