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G: Gungan Bongo Submarine & Opee Sea Killer / 潛艇與海怪

《星球大戰前傳:魅影危機》中描述一個滿佈湖泊、草原的星球,稱為納布(Naboo)。納布星球的土著是居住於水底的兩棲類生物「岡根人」(Gungan),他們愛好和平。貪財的貿易聯盟封鎖了這個星球,企圖脅持總督和阿米達拉女王(Queen Amidala)來謀取更多的利益。

絕地武士(Jedi)計劃乘坐潛水艇通過水底隧道,偷偷營救女王。這個任務最困難的地方,不是對付貿易聯盟的軍隊,而是通過水底隧道時,會遇上不能預計的困難,特別是潛伏於海底深淵的巨型奧皮海怪(Opee Sea Killer)。這種海怪有尖銳的牙齒和巨顎,全身是堅硬的甲殼,是海洋裡無聲的狩獵者。故事描述潛水艇被奧皮海怪咬住了,然而絕地武士魁剛金(Qui-Gon Jinn)只是輕描淡寫地安慰眾人:「螳螂捕蟬,黃雀在後!(There’s always a bigger fish)」後來果然有一隻更大的海怪把奧皮呑掉,他們最終化險為夷,完成任務。


G: Gungan Bongo Submarine & Opee Sea Killer

In Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace, there is a planet called “Naboo” with many swampy lakes and green hills. The inhabitants of Naboo were a peaceful underwater amphibian species – Gungans. When Queen Amidala was elected to be Queen of Naboo, the greedy Trade Federation set up a barricade of battleships around the planet in order to gain more profit. They even held Senator Palpatine and Queen Amidala as hostage on the planet. The Jedi Knights planned an underwater rescue mission to save the Queen. The ultimate challenge of this mission was not the Trade Federation Army but the unexpected appearance of a giant underwater hunter – the “Opee Sea Killer”. This creature was considered the most dangerous and a stealth hunter of the ocean: It had a shielded body of hard armour-like shell, a giant jaw and rows of sharp teeth. The Opee Sea Killer could even devour a submarine in just one bite. However, Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn, was unflustered by this grim situation. He calmly told his shipmates that, “There”s always a bigger fish”. Sure enough, a larger sea predator came by and swallowed the Opee Sea Killer; and the Jedi knights were able to complete their rescue mission.

In Star Wars, it describes that all Jedi Knights have a unique belief – the belief that evil will never lead to victory. In addition, they have extensive knowledge and experience. In Apostle Paul”s prayer for the Philippians, he prayed that “their (Christian) love might keep on growing in knowledge and depth of insight, so that they may be able to discern what is best and may live pure and blamelessly until the day of Christ”s return.” (Philippians 1:9-10)

Believers ought to build themselves up on the Foundation of Love. Such that, with the growth of knowledge and insight, they will have the ability to stand firm without stumbles in the face of adversities and challenges.

Translated by Syros Chan, edited by Anita Chiu